Blue Hill Studios is a 160m2 recording and production facility located in the hills of San Josep, Ibiza; a creative hub where people and ideas come together.


The studio is centred around the 96m2 tracking room acoustically designed with wood floors and angled 4m+ wooden ceilings – complete with large skylights to provide a beautiful ambience during the day.


The room sounds big and natural, with the imposing 97 key Bösendorfer grand piano taking center stage among the instruments.

Studio A

is a control room designed and installed in house by our team of professionals. The studio is equally suitable for tracking a band in the live room or producing solo with comfortable ergonomics and flat acoustics. Monitoring is taken care of by a set of Dynaudio Air 15’s and complemented by a pair of sE munro Egg 150 speakers.


The studio is tied together with a Toft ATB 24 analog mixer and conversion takes place with Lynx Audio Aurora 16 A/D D/A converters. We have a selection of fine vintage and modern synthesizers, drum machines and effects also available to suit a wide variety of projects.

Studio B

is a medium sized production room with Focal Twin 6 Be Monitors + Sub and Yamaha NS10’s. Though mostly used for scoring commercials and video editing the room is a lovely space for writing music and small projects with plenty of space for gear or recording apparatus.